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Research and conservation of New Zealand’s Yellowtail Kingfish

This site was developed to capture information about tagged yellowtail kingfish and publicise the results.

Recapture or release information for other species can now be entered in the forms below. We ask for you name and address because there is a reward shirt for reporting a tag recapture.  If your tagged fish is recaptured we will send you a copy of the recapture information.

New Zealand has a world class recreational fishery for yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi).

A high proportion of the recreational kingfish catch is released by anglers wanting to sustain the fishery. Fly fishers, in particular, practice high standards of fish care and wanted to learn more about the movement of fish they release.


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Project Sponsors

This project was instigated by saltwater fly fishing guides and Revolution Fly Fish NZ in 2015–16. The purchase and distribution of tags is supported by Revolution Fly Fish NZ, New Zealand Sport Fishing Council and LegaSea.

Data management and reporting is supported by the Ministry for Primary Industries through the NZ Gamefish Tagging Programme and Blue Water Marine Research Ltd.